Universal Scheduling Multiple Tournaments Scheduled Over Three Years

We Schedule Youth Sports Tournaments

Hello! We are Universal Scheduling Service. We help you schedule youth sports tournaments (like soccer or lacrosse) where hundreds of teams may play 3-4 games each over one weekend. We guarantee schedules where no coach has to miss a game due to another one of their teams playing at the same time. Best of all, we do it within your existing platform (GotSport, TeamSnap or anything else).

All coach conflicts resolved, or your money back1

$50 refund for each game that a two team coach has to miss because of conflicts. $25 / game for a three team coach

  • Additional Deliverable #1

    Coach Schedule Report

    You get a schedule summary for each coach with multiple teams in the tournament. So you don't have to take our word for number of unresolved conflicts.

    See Example
    Complete Coach Schedule
  • Additional Deliverable #2

    Ref Assignor Report

    Ref assignors dig the overall tournament summary we provide. Show your ref assignor this report, and see their faces light up.

    See Example
    Referee assignor report
  • Additional Deliverable #3

    Coaching Conflict Request Page

    Optional: We set up a custom page for coaches to submit their team names in your tournament. It gives us a definitive "coach conflict" list to use while scheduling.

    See Example (Password: demo)
    Coach Conflict Request Page

How much does it cost?

There are four distinct components of tournament scheduling. You can hire us to do any of these. Each component comes with a straightforward pricing.

  • Flighting

    35 %
  • Game Generation

    5 %
  • Scheduling

    45 %
  • Customer Support

    15 %
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    Put various teams into divisions where they get to play other teams that are about the same level. It can be as much art as science. $6 / team.

  • Game Generation icon

    Game Generation

    Generate games that say exactly which team is playing which other team based on the tournament rules decided by the hosts. $1 / team.

  • scheduling icon


    Put games on the calendar such that coaches get to attend all their games, teams don't play back to back games, while accomodating a few special time requests. $8 / team.

  • customer support icon

    Customer Support

    Normally tournament directors like to use us as a behind the scenes resource. However, you could ask us to work directly with the teams on matters pertaining to the schedule. $3 / team.

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If you like what you see, let's work together.

Hosting a youth sports tournament is a lot of work. Why don't we take one item off your to-do list. Reach out to us at contact@universalscheduling.com


1) Refunds cannot exceed the total amount due to Universal Scheduling. For other conditions that apply, see our Terms of Service.